Investment  Thesis

Expertise, management and capital for seed-stage to early revenue companies entering, or expanding into, the cannabis industry in any jurisdiction or country where cannabis use is legal.

In Canada, both the Mackie report and the report from the Federal Task Force clearly identify that there is expected to be a dearth of product available when recreational or adult-use cannabis evetually becomes legal in Canada.  By these accounts, many more producers will, or ought to, be permitted and even encouraged, to participate in the Canadian medicinal and adult-use cannabis market.  The newcomers will require assistance to develop their full scope of regulatory, production and marketing procedures, and to have access to the capital required to succeed.

Initiative will seek to facilitate, enable and lead, with our unique experience and expertise, new applicants into the Canadian market.

In international markets, Initiative will work with license holders and applicants in their respective jurisdictions, to build their footprint, lead their respective compliance, regulatory and GMP programs, and provide the necessary capital to build a sustainable, compliant operation.
Canadian and International license applicants in regulated markets
New segments of classical business categories are evolving, and new functions will continue to arise in the nascent cannabis space:  compliance, regulation, marketing, advertising, software, production management, retail, packaging and merchandising - in the medicinal and adult-use markets, as well as the production and retail spaces.  We seek those companies with Initiative in this brave new world.

  • ERP and business system software
  • Compliance and regulatory software
  • Data management and business intelligence software
  • MFIP operating equipment
  • Dosing and safety equipment
  • Extraction machines and processes
  • Trim systems and equipment
  • Dispensaries
  • Laboratory testing and procedures
Picks 'n Shovels

The North American cannabis landscape

Legal adult and medicinal use
Legal medicinal use (THC and CBD)
Legal for CBD products only
​​Not legal in any format